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Shoe Clamp

The EMS Shoe Clamp is designed to enable you to do embroidery on the side and tongue of all types of footwear including football, rugby, golf, hockey etc etc.........
This is a very popular frame option with our customers as it has a very good return on investment.      


Wide Cap Frame (270 degree)
Embroidery on the circumference of caps is possible up to 270 degrees. 2 types (Adult or Children-use) are available for wide cap frames.


Baby Cap Frame
Child sized caps don't fit on adult size frames, but that doesn't mean you have to say no to these unique and lucrative jobs. This exclusive product opens the doors to lots of exciting possibilities that most of your competitors have to turn down.


Pocket Frame
For years that dreaded question asked of embroiderers “Can you out the logo on the pocket” has sent shivers down the spine of even the most experienced embroiderer. The usual answer has been yes but we will have to sew right through and you will have a convenient pen holder or it will look better above the pocket was another popular answer. Well not now. Tajima have produced 2 sizes of pocket frame which attach to your existing cap frame driver.

75mm wide x 100mm high & 100mm wide x 65mm high.


Tubular Clamping system
The clamping action of the ICTCS allows embroidery on many otherwise "un-hoop-able" items The ICTCS are available in a large or small chassis size, each with an assortment of window sizes that are quickly and easily changed.

No Tools Required. The ICTCS is simply the easiest way to embroider - bags - CD cases - work jackets - leather - canvas - quilted goods - computer bags - back of caps


                                                                                                             Tajima X-panto Frame
If you need a large sewing area the Tajima X-panto frame will give you a 1200mm sewing area.

With the X-panto Frame you can sew a much larger sewing field on your TAJIMA machine without the need for multiple rehooping. The capability to do larger projects makes your TAJIMA more versatile and can open up new markets.

Sewing Speed 700 spm Sewing Area 1000mm(x) x 350mm(y)                                          

Hoop Master
The HoopMaster's many patented features make hooping easy, faster, and more consistent. You can document logo placement for quick setups and more consistent placement. The HoopMaster is custom made for your hoops, so there is no hardware to adjust. With the HoopMaster, new employees will be hooping in no time at all. The HoopMaster's many patented features make hooping easy, faster, and more consistent. You can document logo placement for quick setups and more consistent placement.

Position Marker
Points out a needle hole position, hidden on a cloth, by light it up with a LED beam to align embroidery start position. You can check the needed position anytime.The red point is a LED beam.

High-Speed Cording Device (KB-2M)
New variations of looping or cording embroidery can be added to a design by switching between 2 kinds of attachments. Various kinds of cording materials can be attached at high speeds with this special attachment. A simple adjustment of the device height varies the stitch volume and expands the range of embroidery expression.

Embroidery Lame Attachment
Lame filament yarn can be stitched steadily without being twisted to create your original embroidery.

Auto Clamp Frame
Embroidery on wide range of materials from roll fabric to finished goods is available without frame exchange.

Cylindrical Frame (PAT)
A wide range of embroidery is applicable to cylinder-shaped products like socks, gloves, wristbands and golf head covers.

Border Frame
Opens the way to flat embroidery.              





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