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Tajima Embroidery Machine Dealer for Northern England & Scotland







Repair and Service of Single Head models of Tajima & Toyota Embroidery Machines.

        At Customers Premises. By factory trained engineer.

Repair of most Industrial Sewing Machines At Customers Premises.


Further Training to Customers needs & Software support.
        Training and Installation of Upgrades & Add ON's.
Telephone Support.


Digitising, Format Conversions.

Digitizing from customers artwork. In any format. Over 25 years experience.

        Converting From & To Any Format including domestic. E.g. .Cnd to .Dst

This is Melco Condensed to Tajima.


If you have a technical problem with your Toyota or Tajima Embroidery machine E Mail us.

We will try to HELP.


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Last modified  01-05-2022