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  Wilcom e4.5 with CorelDraw 20 is available now.   

WILCOM  Embroidery Software

After trying most of the rest WILCOM software has to be the BEST!!!

(1) It's easy to use and to get to grips with. I have sold and trained to customers who have NEVER edited or digitized a design before. After two to three days training they were more than competent to do so. Also they rarely rang for support. References from these customers to support this can be made available on request.

(2) The product is fully upgradeable from one level to another without the need for installing additional software.

(3) The product has full international & local telephone support also 24 hour web support. In the event of the user coming against a problem HELP is just a phone call away.

(4) The software is competitively priced. A good part exchange allowance is available for your old software.

 (5)   Training is Given at customers own premises if required.

For technical support 24 hours a day, head to the Wilcom Support Centre

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Contact us for a Information pack on WILCOM  UK only.           

Benefit 1: Easy of use.
Benefit 2: Fully upgradeable from one level to the other.
Benefit 3: Comes complete with Crests & over 250 fonts.


  Wilcom  EmbroideryStudio e4.5 is the latest release of embroidery design software in Europe.  With sophisticated digitising tools to make production quality designs quickly and easily, there is something for all embroiderers and printers.

 Features in Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e4.5 includes:

 ·        The industry’s only .EMB file format containing both condensed and  expanded file information

·        Over 250 high quality alphabets, including especially designed small type fonts

·        Automatic digitising facilities – Point & Stitch and True Type Font Conversion to stitches & CorelDraw Graphic Suite 20

·        Image preparation tools, links to third party imaging software and enhanced facilities to manipulate imported bitmap and vector graphics.

·        New Design Colouring tools to create, preview, save and print Multiple Colourways  inside a single design.

·        And many more great new features…Don’t miss out find out more about EmbroideryStudio e4.5 today! 



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